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My name is Dylan Tibbetts. I am a 2012 graduate from the University of Maine at Orono. I majored in Physical Education/Teaching Coaching. For the past two years I was a physical education teacher, and athletic director at Jonesport-Beals. I am an avid golfer and am looking forward to the upcoming year at the Mountain View School.

In my physical education classes I start with fundamental movement concepts, team building, basic skills needed for games, and then my classes become more fitness and game related. I want my classes to be as fun as possible for all students, and that is why I try to do every fun physical activity that I can think of with the students, hoping every kid will like something about the class. They first however in the lower levels need to be taught the fundamentals for each activity.

Students K-8 need sneakers, a good attitude, positive sportsmanship, and good effort for each class. Grades 6-8 need a change of shirt and pants for hygiene purposes each class.

Any questions or concerns I can be reached at 4223200, or

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K-2 Students will beginning with the basics of basketball.
3-5 Students will be practicing basic fundamentals, and getting into scrimmages.
6-8 Students will take ownership in their learning.  They are in charge of what they learn.  They can use Mr. Tibbetts, the internet, fellow classmates to find out what they need to improve on, and drills they can practice.  We will also get into some scrimmages.

Team Handball

K-2 Students will be working on throwing and catching basics.
3-8 Students will work on throwing and catching on the move, and throwing to a target.  They will also work on defense, pivoting, and stall counts.


K-2 Students are working on volleying balloons, and beach balls.
3-8 Students are working on communication, areas to play, and the fundamentals of volleyball.

Capture the Flag

K-2 students will work on chasing, fleeing and dodging leading up to capture the flag.
3-8 Students will work on teamwork, safety, and sportsmanship during capture the flag.


Thanks to donors choose, and ESPN we have brand new lacrosse equipment!
K-2 students will work on using short, and long handled implements to throw, and catch
3-8 students will work on scooping, passing and catching, shooting, cradling and the rules of lacrosse.


K-8 students will all be working on the fundamentals of soccer this week.
Grades 3-8 should get into gameplay of soccer next week.

Opening Week

This first week of school all grades will be doing Cooperative activities to build teamwork.  We will also be going over class expectations, and rules.

Flag Football

K-5 students will be working on throwing and catching a football, and a game called ultimate football.
6-8 K-3 students will be working on throwing and catching a football.  They will also work on receiving routes, defense, and play games of ultimate football, and flag football.


K-2 Students will be working on tennis skills.
3-8 Students will work on tennis scoring, and shots of the game.


K-2 Students will work on balance, coordination, and striking with long handled implements by practicing badminton skills.
3-8 Students will work on serving, and shot techniques in badminton.


K-8 students will work on base running, and kicking skills by doing a unit on kickball.


K-2 Student will be playing games with the Omnikin Ball.
3-8 Students will be working on a game called Kinball, that involves teamwork, reaction time, and speed.

Scooters/Whiffleball/Hoops for Heart

K-2 students last week worked on lower/upper body strength by using scooters.  Next week we will start whiffleball.  3/8 and 3/10 are Hoops For Heart days, so bring in all donations by then.
3-8 Are wrapping up Fitnessgram testing, and will move to whiffleball next.