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I’ve been teaching at Mountain View for over two decades.  I’ve had many different positions, but mostly I have taught 4th grade.  Currently, I team teach with Mrs. Houlsen.  We have been team teaching for a few years now.  I enjoy teaching that way.  It allows us to share our passions with our students.  For me that is math.  We build a community among all 4th grade students as well as within each class.  I use Responsive Classroom and Restorative Justice with students to help them build structure  and routines.  Students learn skills to solve conflicts among their peers.  


I'm married and have three grown children that all got married in 2013. I have been blessed that two of the three live fairly close, but the other married a Fijian and lives in Fiji.  I now have 5 grandchildren with 1 grandson and 4 granddaughters.