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Principal's Message

Welcome Mountain View Family!

Mountain View School is a school that is committed to providing our students with the skills and knowledge necessary to establish a strong foundation for future scucess in their educational experiences. We believe that students are entitled to an education that is engaging, challenges them, and provides support as they strive to reach their fullest potential. At Mountain View School, we strive to create a postivie environment that celebrates the whole child and helps them succeed academically, socially, and through positive citizenship in their school and community. We will achieve this by individualizing instruction to meet students needs and establishing strong, positive relationships with students.

Students are most successful when parents and teachers work together as a team. Your children will thrive on your enthusiasm and involvement in their learning. We welcome you to meet and speak with your child’s teachers, find out about their homework, set aside reading time together, and ask questions about their day each day. Teachers also are happy to have you come and help out in their classrooms. We encourage you to call and schedule times to come, visit, and volunteer. Throughout the school year we will provide opportunities for us to meet and learn from each other as to how to best meet the educational needs of our children. We welcome your ideas for parent forums, workshops, and activities in our school.

The school is an extension of your community and we take this role and responsibility seriously. We hope that you will not hesitate to speak with us regarding your concerns about your child’s learning, ways in which we can work together to support your child, and let us know any ideas that you have for our school. We can be reached at 422-3200.

Thank you for giving us this opportunity to get to know your child and help him/her work towards realizing his/her dreams and potential. All of Mountain View’s faculty and staff recognize what an honor and a privilege it is to work with your child(ren) every day. We look forward to a great year of working together.