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Education and Background:
I am a 1988 graduate of the University of Maine, Farmington with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education, grades K-8. My experience in education is diverse, with over fifteen years of classroom experience. I love working at Mountain View School and am excited to be teaching Literacy and Math intervention for grades K-4 in the Title I room!

Teaching Objective:
Assisting and equipping students to reach their academic potential is my main objective as an educator, but I would be amiss to think that could be done without also pouring time and energy into reaching the hearts of the students as well.

What I Enjoy and Love in My Life
*my best friend, my husband
*spending time with my family
*my church family
*reading a great book
*sharing a great storybook with children
*being a teacher



Groups Gold and Black will begin NWEA testing on May 18th. Be sure students have breakfast and arrive at school on time! Thanks.
Wednesday, May 18 - 8 AM- 9:30 AM
                                    Group Gold: Math with Mr. Hall
                                    Group Black: Language Arts with Mrs. Sobel
Thursday,   May 19 -   8 AM-9:30 AM
                                    Group Gold: Language Arts with Mrs. Sobel
                                    Group Black: Math with Mr. Hall
Groups White, Yellow, and Orange will also test on these days, right after lunch.

Presentations and Valentines

Groups Gold and Black will be presenting at the all-school assembly on Friday. They will be sharing a poem, a reader's theater, and a song - all about the underground railroad and freedom from slavery.
Students will also be presenting their biography projects on Friday - THIS IS A CHANGE! They were originally set to present on Thursday, but with the theme for Friday being Famous People, it only makes sense for them to have their costumes on Friday!  A few students, who are not going to be at school on Friday, will be presenting Thursday. If this includes you, please let me know - or just send your child in ready to present on Thursday. :)
If your child would like to bring in Valentines for his/her homeroom, they are welcome to do this on Friday. We will be celebrating our biography presentations, and the valentines can be distributed at that time.


Groups Gold and Black will be taking their NWEAs Tuesday, January 26th.
8:05-9:15  Group Gold Math, Group Black Language Arts
12:30-1:40 Group Gold Language Arts, Group Black Math

We have been writing letters to thank veterans for serving our country. These will be mailed out on Monday. If you have an address that you wish for us to send a letter to, make sure it is here Monday morning!  Feel free to email it to me as well.  
We will also have a guest United States veteran in our classroom on Tuesday - Mr. David Burks!


We are privileged to have Mr. David Burks in our classroom on Tuesday, November 10th! He is a United States Veteran and a retired classroom teacher. He will be talking to students in the Gold and Black groups about what it means to be a veteran and an American. I know our students will learn much from him!

7- Pocket File - Our "Organizer!"

Dear Parents,

We are using letter-sized 7-Pocket File Folders in our Grade 3-5 classrooms.

If you have not already purchased one of these, they are available at local stores for $3-$12. If you are unable to supply one for your child, please let us know so we can plan accordingly.

Thank you,

The Team




IMPORTANT - Information Meeting & Picnic

-June 15 at 7 pm: Information Night for parents regarding Proficiency-Based learning for grades 3-8. Many of you have heard how we are not having traditional homerooms by grades and changing how we assess student learning. Come on the 15th to learn more.
-June 16 4-7:30 pm: School-wide picnic, carnival, and chance auction. Please bring a blanket, some food for your family and an eagerness to have a lot of fun for our 3rd annual school-wide pcinic.


Maine DOE’s Literacy for ME launches summer reading resources

Posted on June 10, 2015 by Maine Department of Education | Leave a comment

As the school year comes to an end, many of us are thinking about long hot days and fair weather fun. We may not be thinking about how much literacy learning our children gained during the school year or how much could be lost during the break from school. This loss is often called the “summer slide” and can be avoided with a little planning and support from the Maine DOE and Maine Public Libraries.

The Department’s Literacy for ME initiative has launched a webpage to provide families with resources to support summer reading and other activities that enhance typical summer experiences and prevent the summer slide.  Do you know how to choose books that your kids can read independently?  Do you have a book you can read aloud as a family?  Are you planning a long car trip this summer?  How about planning some writing activities to capture the fun and adventure?

Visit the Summer Literacy page within the resources section of the Maine DOE’s Literacy for ME web pages.  You will find methods of selecting texts, writing ideas, discussion prompts, and other helpful resources.

What Do You Know?

As the end of the year approaches, we have many assessments.
Grade 3 students will be taking the NWEAs for Literacy on Thursday, June 4th, during their regular Literacy blocks.
We will have our narrative and opinion writing assessments within the next week as well.
The end of the year assessment to determine reading level is well underway and will be completed by next Friday.
All of these assessments will play a part in determining our proficiency groupings for next year, so help me help your child show all he or she knows in each assessment as it comes up! We can work together to encourage them to be motivated to persevere through some of these tough tasks.

Schoolhouse Rock - Them Not-So-Dry Bones

In Science/Health, we are studying our skeletal system. This is a fun video to reinforce our learning!

Dress Code

As the warmer weather is upon us, we just want to remind you of the dress code for shorts and tank tops. A good rule of thumb is that tank tops have a strap width of three fingers, and shorts are longer than your hand reaches when dangling at your side in a standing position. 
We appreciate your attentiveness to this. Here is the code as stated in the student handbook:

In keeping with the RSUB’s goal of the RSU providing a safe, healthy, respectful and non-discriminatory environment, the following restrictions on dress will be enforced in/on all RSU school buildings, grounds and vehicles furnishing students transportation. These restrictions apply at all times unless relaxed for special functions by the BA.

Prohibited items of clothing:

  • Articles of clothing which promote the use of tobacco, alcohol, or other illegal activity,
  • Articles of clothing with displays that are sexual, vulgar, lewd, indecent, or including

insulting words or gestures,

  • Articles of clothing with displays that are racially inflammatory or violate the RSU’s

discrimination and/or harassment policies,

  • Clothing that is destructive of school property (e.g., cleats, pants with metal inserts that scratch furniture, etc.),
  • Clothing, footwear, insignia, or accessories that are intended to identify the wearer as a

member of a particular gang,

  • Adornment items such as chains, spikes, “dog” collars, and other items as determined by the BA.
  • One-shoulder strap shirts, low-cut tops, spaghetti straps, halters, midriff tops, and muscle shirts.

Wearing of clothing:

  • Clothing will not be worn in such a manner as to reveal underwear or bare skin between the upper chest and mid thigh.
  • Tattoos that violate the provisions of this Policy must be covered at all times in all

RSU schools and/or at any RSU sponsored event/activity.

  • Students must wear shoes (sneakers, sandals, etc.) at all times.
  • Students are not allowed to wear hats, caps, etc. and/or sunglasses inside any RSU school building or classroom.